Greater loading clearance and longer operating lif clamping discs RINGSPANN.

RINGSPANN presents new 15° clamping discs with higher true running accuracies.
Expanding the technical potential of the RINGSPANN clamping disc has always gotten RINGSPANN’s innovative juices flowing. Based on the functional principle of this flat tapered spring steel ring, the company regularly presents new clamping technology solutions.

The LAFF series flange chucks and LBDF series flange mandrels from RINGSPANN rank among the precision clamping fixtures that have been setting the tone in metal-cutting machining for many years. Wherever cylindrical workpieces have to be centred and internally or externally clamped in the automotive industry, in aircraft technology or in the manufacture of pumps and gears, these chucks guarantee excellent results.

The functional – and name-giving – heart of these flange chucks and mandrels are their RINGSPANN clamping discs. They are combined into ring-shaped and pre-stressed packages between 4.0 and 20 mm wide, depending on the number of discs. Their size follows the clamping diameter required for machining the workpiece. This ranges up to 170 mm for chucks and 200 mm for mandrels.