Vulcanization of conveyor belts

Our service division performs splicing of conveyor belts by hot vulcanization without thickening at the junction and without losing the elastic properties of the belt. As an additional service, it is possible to join the belt directly on the customer’s conveyor using a portable air-cooled heat press. The entire docking process, together with preparation, usually does not exceed 1-1.5 hours in time, which minimizes the downtime of the conveyor.

If the construction of the conveyor does not allow the installation of a ready-made endless belt or such joining is impractical for other reasons, you can install a mechanical connection (alligator) on the belt.

In addition to joining, our specialists produce complex belts with guides, sides and partitions (pushers, crossbars) and, in certain cases, can repair belts that have already been in operation.

The nomenclature with which the service of polymer belts works:
– belts with polyurethane coating (TPU, PU)
– PVC coated tapes (PVC)
– partitions for PVC and PU belts
– guide profiles (6×4, 8×5, 10×6, 13×8, 17×11)
– corrugated boards on a substrate (Compart)
All work is carried out using specialized equipment by a team of qualified specialists.

горячая вулканизация конвейерных лент
стыковка конвейерных лент горячей вулканизацией
Вулканизация конвейерных лент