The START-UP company has carried out a rebranding – START-UP CONVEYOR SERVICE. We strive to provide our customers with not just components, but a full range of services for conveyor equipment, which entails the emergence of the term “service”. As a result of the rebranding of our company, contracts were concluded for the maintenance of equipment at the existing elevators.

Routine maintenance of equipment is designed not only to extend the life of the units, but also to reduce energy costs. Also, in order to protect the elevator equipment from malfunctions, breakdowns and overhaul costs, it is necessary to perform periodic maintenance of the conveyors. The purpose of the conveyor service is not just to repair equipment, but to minimize the likelihood of its failure at the height of the season, when it can be most noticeable.

The concept of “Conveyor service” includes the following items:
– Troubleshooting and diagnostics of equipment using a special tool;
– drawing up Acts and Conclusions on units of equipment;
– determination of the necessary spare parts and their delivery;
– replacement of damaged and worn out components on conveyor lines;
– formation of a warehouse;
– advising the client if necessary;
– taking equipment for warranty service.

Our service team, engineering staff, managers, management and all employees of the Company work every day to ensure that any client has the opportunity to receive
quality, timely and professional conveyor service!

Техническое обслуживание элеваторов в Украине
Техническое обслуживание элеваторов в Украине