Elevator equipment service

Service of elevator equipment implies the conclusion of a contract for the maintenance of a separate conveyor, conveyor line or a complex of conveyor equipment.
As part of such a service, first of all, equipment defect detection is carried out:
– analysis of the wall thickness of the elevator shaft
– analysis of the condition of the belt and bucket elevator
– analysis of the condition of rollers, drums and their lining
– Analysis of the wall thickness of the chain conveyors
– diagnostics of the condition of the conveyor stars
– analysis of the level of chain stretch and wear of the scrapers
– diagnostics of gearboxes (condition of oil, bearings, gears).

Routine maintenance of equipment is designed not only to extend the life of the units, but also to reduce energy costs. The main objective of routine maintenance is to reduce the number of emergency outages and reduce electricity consumption.

Diagnostics is only one of the maintenance steps.

1.-Diagnostics (assessment of equipment condition)
2.-Estimation of the cost and terms of repair
3.-Commercial offer (conclusion on equipment malfunctions)
4.-your decision (on the basis of the commercial proposal you make a decision on the repair or replacement of equipment)
5.-Repair (we carry out repairs and / or installation supervision of equipment in the shortest possible time)
6.-Start-up (we advise you before, during and after the start-up of the equipment so that the restoration of the process is most successful).