IKEUCHI Spray and Dry Fog Technology


IKEUCHI Spray and Dry Fog Technology

AKMist “E” Humidifier from Ikeuchi The Fog Engineers atomizes water and other liquids by converting them into so-called “dry mist”. The device has proven itself in practice as an effective means of microclimate control, disinfection, cooling and dust suppression, as well as odor control, aromatization, removal of static electricity, etc. All this is used in factories, warehouses, commercial establishments, recreation areas, medical institutions, offices and other places.
The volume of the treated area of ​​the device from Ikeuchi is 100 – 400 m3, depending on the number of nozzles (from 1 to 4 pieces). The company “START-UP” LLC offers a compact mobile complex with AKMist “E” already installed on it. You just need to fill the tank with liquid and connect the cable to the outlet.

Such a system will become an integral part of your comfort due to its versatility, mobility, ease of use and reliability in operation. It is operated by one person and is suitable for handling open and closed spaces, living and non-living objects, including people. Any non-viscous liquid without aggressive inclusions can be used. After a few minutes of installation, the device mounted on the system can be easily moved around the work area.

The creation of a finely dispersed suspension (with particles of 7.5-12 microns) occurs due to the design of the nozzles and the properly organized collision of liquid and air flows.

The advantages of the AKMist “E” Humidifier over analogs are due to the method of creating dry fog and its parameters. The transformation of a liquid into a finely dispersed suspension occurs due to the design of the nozzles and a properly organized collision of liquid and air flows without vibrating membranes and ultrasound. This has a positive effect on quietness, reliability and service life.

As an advanced technology, dry fog has several advantages over conventional aerosols:

• significantly better penetration into hard-to-reach places (pores, crevices, holes, obstructed corners);
• more uniform processing;
• there is no wetting effect;
• higher volatility and propagation range;
• more economical and more expedient liquid consumption.

The company “START-UP” Ltd., the official partner of Ikeuchi, supplies AKIMist “E” with 4 nozzles. The complex supporting its operation is equipped with a retractable bar for quick installation and adjustment of the device position. By default, the device comes in the basic configuration, but you can expand the AKMist “E” functionality with additional equipment.

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