Kop-Flex, as an affiliate of Emerson Power Transmission, is a separate brand for the production and supply of a wide range of couplings for various industries. The network of manufacturing enterprises in the USA, Canada, Europe and China is its significant advantage, as it contributes to a clear orientation to the needs of customers in certain regions, speeds up deliveries and reduces the price of goods.

The leader in the production of Kop-Flex couplings has been constantly improving its range since its inception in 1920. Now the company offers the client elastic toothed, disc, cylindrical, unmasked elastic and other couplings. Kop-Flex products are used in metallurgy, petrochemical, mining, construction, paper production, energy industry, lifting and transportation equipment, etc.

Kop-Flex products comply with API 671 (ISO 10441) and API 610 (ISO 13409), but can be manufactured according to customer standards.

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