Repair services for engines, gearboxes

Our company works as a customer service department.
We offer both individual service solutions and comprehensive equipment support throughout the entire life cycle.

The technical base of the service has specialized tools and devices for maintenance and overhaul, namely:
• induction heater;
• mechanical and hydraulic pullers;
• stationary press;
• laser device for shaft alignment;
• laser devices for alignment of pulley flatness;
• V-belt tension meter;
• torque wrenches.

This is not a complete list of tools that allows to perform high-quality diagnostics and repair of your equipment.
The car park of the service center is able to fully satisfy the customer’s requirements.
Our own warehouse of original spare parts and operational logistics allow us to supply the necessary system part in the shortest possible time, all goods are accompanied by quality certificates.
Qualified service center engineers have many years of practical experience. All parts installed in the process and work performed are guaranteed.

Services provided by the service center:
• diagnostics of electric motors, gearboxes;
• replacement of damaged or worn parts (cuffs, bearings, gears);
• rewinding of electric motors;
• if necessary, housing repair, welding, grooving, grinding.
• restoration of paintwork;
• oil change;
• assembly of equipment, observing tightening torques, running in.