Cutting ubber bands

The company “START-UP” LLC offers a service of high-quality cutting and perforation of rubber-fabric tapes on specialized equipment in Kharkov.

It is no secret that belts are produced in wide rolls, and it is natural that they reach the end user in the required width after longitudinal dissolution. Considering the fact that it is possible to make a high-quality cut only on special equipment, pay attention to errors when cutting the tape you purchased.

Straightness is obligatory (no arc cutting) to avoid problems during subsequent detuning on the conveyor. The quality of the cut should be constant, not creating jags and protruding flaps of the frame. They can wrap around the shaft over time and create additional stress on the drive. Entrust this process to the professionals of the START-UP company, so as not to waste extra efforts and resources.

Perforating rubber bands

Separately, it is worth mentioning the perforation of tapes. For bucket elevators, where buckets are attached to the belt, the perforation error is important while observing the row spacing and the center-to-center distance of the holes. High quality of the edge of the holes, constant diameter, no threads sticking out of the hole and pieces of rubber will allow you to quickly and easily mount the buckets on the belt.

Our capabilities are at your service!

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