Alexey Shelkovoy director of START-UP LLC

On December 21, Alexey Shelkovoy was appointed director of START-AP LLC. In this position, he will oversee all functions of the company.
Alexey has been with the Company for 8 years, began cooperation as a Sales Manager, expanding the partnership throughout Ukraine and abroad. Then there were positions related to the development of individual brands and the first attempts to manage something more than personal sales in the organization.
The next step was the position of executive director, where Alexey oversaw the integration of the trading company into the production area.
“Today START-UP is not only a trading, but also a modern production company, with its own warehouse and a certified service center for the current tasks of conveyor service.
Our plans, first of all, include the development of such activities as the production of a standard niche line of conveyor equipment for the general industry and the food industry, localization of the production of a number of components in Ukraine, as well as strengthening the direction of conveyor service. We believe that the combination of many years of experience of our specialists and knowledge of modern global trends in production will help us and our partners to effectively implement successful and large projects.
For 12 years START-UP has been creating on its own one of the best sites in Ukraine with world technologies and modern equipment, ”says Oleksiy.
Alexey’s experience, team support, reliable partnership formed over the years determine the success and development of the START-AP LLC.