The new explosion valve: VIGIFLAP

The VigiFLAP is a non-return valve designed to prevent overpressure or flame caused by a downstream explosion (dust collectors, filters, cyclones…) to propagate in the piping system.
The valve is held open by a lever arm. It can be used both at the entrance and at the exit of the filter.
This allows to isolate the filter from an explosion or an overpressure.
In case of explosion, the valve closes and remains locked preventing the progress of the flame.
The unlocking of the flap is done manually.


To get our Atex certificate (N° INERIS 19ATEX0016X) according to the standard EN16447: 2014, we carried out our explosion tests in the most extreme conditions and as close as possible to the reality of the use of the product, with for example:

  • Protected Zone Pipeline :

All test carried out with a pipeline after the flap (picture1).

  • Flap fully open :

During the test the flap valve is held fully open until the appropriate time of release.

  • Vent panel on test vessel :

No open ports were used during test but vent panels were always used.