The STIF Jet Lag drum lagging system is used for the lagging of drums for elevator and belt conveyors. Lagging can be made on drive, tension and deflecting drums. Installation of lagging pads is a renewable coating consisting of wear elements designed to maintain and improve the characteristics of the drum on which they are installed.

STIF Jet Lag is indispensable for mounting on drums installed in hard-to-reach places – where access to the drum is limited due to nearby buildings or mechanisms. STIF Jet Lag pads do not require drum disassembly – thereby reducing equipment downtime.

The Jet Lag lagging pads are fastened using Slide Lag Double and Slide Lag Single welded special locks.

Special diagonal slots on the rubber surface and the distance between the pads ensure that the drum is cleaned of product particles and moisture from the contact area with the conveyor/elevator belt.