Laser welding of metal

The START-UP company offers the service of laser metal welding.

Laser welding allows for high-quality welding of various metals in several planes. Welding is possible along the inner corner, along the outer corner, in the same plane, overlapping, etc.
Advantages of laser welding:

  • Ability to weld high-precision structures.
  • Welding without edits and machining.
  • High welding speed and work efficiency (a 20 mm thick steel sheet is welded with an electric arc at a speed of 15 m / h in 5-8 passes, when welding with a continuous laser beam, the sheet is welded at a speed of 100 m / h in 1 pass).
  • High environmental safety compared to traditional welding.
  • Minimal temperature distortion and warping of the metal (compared to other methods).
  • Good appearance (smooth, uniform, without sagging).
Лазерная сварка металла