Laser cutting of sheet metal, round and shaped tubes

The START-UP company offers a high-quality laser cutting service for sheet metal, round and profile pipes.

  • High quality cutting edge. As a result of laser cutting of metal, following the technology and the correct setting of the equipment, the edge is perfectly smooth and almost flawless. No additional sanding or polishing is required.
  • Wide range of materials to be processed. With this technology you can process different metals. This list includes all popular steel grades.
  • Ability to cut shapes of any complexity. Due to the numerical software control and the microscopic area of ​​contact of the light beam with the surface, the equipment can cut the most complex contours and patterns on the metal surface.
  • No mechanical impact on the material. The cut is formed solely as a result of heating. Thus, even mirror surfaces can be safely treated with a laser.
  • Cost. Given all the above advantages and the quality of the end result, the laser cutting service can be called profitable and economically attractive. Finished products often do not require additional processing, which reduces the time of manufacture and cost of the product.


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Лазерная резка труб