Dry Fog Generator AKMist “E” Humidifier by Ikeuchi The Fog Engineers

A device for spraying liquids from the Japanese world brand Ikeuchi The Fog Engineers – AKIMist “E”, which has successfully established itself in the market and is widely used in industries, medical institutions, warehouses, leisure places and other facilities. Uses advanced dry fog technology.

Already now AKIMist “E” is actively used in various industries, agriculture, recreation areas, trade establishments as a device for disinfection of premises.

Travel System with AKIMist “E” is a turnkey complete solution for liquid spraying tasks.

  • Economy and minimum resources: liquid, air and power supply еase of operation
  • The ability to expand the functionality with additional components
  • Japanese quality
  • Ease of operation, assembly and disassembly
  • Mobility, versatility and adaptability

Choosing our AKIMist “E” Dry Fog Humidifier system, you get:

  • equipment with complete set and documentation;
  • optimal price due to direct delivery;
  • official warranty from the manufacturer

Video presentation of the device operation