Milling processing of plastic

The START-AP company offers the service of plastic milling.

Milling of plastic on a CNC machine tool is one of the most promising ways of manufacturing final products. This is immediately explained by several factors:

  • Manufacturing accuracy. The milling process ensures that the shape and dimensions of the final product match the specified parameters;
  • Possibility of serial production. This type of machining allows multiple repetition of individual operations and entire cycles. At the same time, each subsequent product will exactly repeat the previous one;
  • Promptness of operations (compared to manual processing);
  • Low cost. Modern milling machines with numerical software control are quite economical. At the same time, this applies not only to work with plastics. Taking into account the previous factors, even a large number of operations on it in the presence of a ready-made processing model cost the owner insignificant amounts. This provides a large margin for such production.

All of the above clearly proves the high efficiency of the use of CNC equipment in flat and volume processing of plastic blanks. And this is just one of the possibilities of such a technique, which is quite universal.


When ordering processing, you can provide your own layout or order it from our specialists.