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We offer engineering solutions and guarantee failure-free operation.

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Elevator equipment service


- troubleshooting and equipment diagnostics using a special tool;
- drawing up Acts and Conclusions on units of equipment;
- determination of the necessary spare parts and their delivery;
- replacement of damaged and worn out components on conveyor lines;
- formation of a warehouse;
- advising the client if necessary;
- taking equipment for warranty service.

Equipment for elevators and food industry

The food industry is the most demanded and developed industry. For the successful development of business in this area, it is necessary not only to correctly organize it, but also to acquire equipment and components for high quality food equipment, to assemble a full set of all the necessary machines.

Spare parts for food equipment

For the arrangement of workshops and production facilities, filling lines, elevators or conveyors for the preparation and transportation of products, you will need to purchase different types of equipment. The company “START-UP”, LLC implements engineering solutions, guarantees reliable operation of units and mechanisms to its customers.

The highest requirements are imposed on the transportation and preparation of products, therefore, equipment for this type of industry must be produced in accordance with established standards. The use of equipment for granaries and food production of inadequate quality that does not meet sanitary standards and technological characteristics can lead to a significant decrease in the quality of products.

Our company offers you equipment and components that are characterized by maximum functionality, convenience and safety in work. The performance and quality of our products does not decrease throughout the entire life cycle. Our machines are characterized by environmental friendliness, economical energy consumption and the ability to quickly repair.

Accessories for industrial equipment with a guarantee

On the modern market, there are many options for machinery and equipment for the food industry, corresponding to a variety of technical categories and characteristics at different prices.

For reliability, you need to choose a trusted supplier and manufacturer, since the efficiency of your business will directly depend on the chosen equipment and machines.

For several years the company “START-UP”, LLC has been producing and selling high quality components for food and industrial equipment. We offer our clients:

  • high-quality components for elevator equipment and conveyors, spare parts for chain conveyors and bucket elevators;
  • production and supply of conveyor lines for the food industry;
  • service and repair of gearboxes, motors;
  • servicing of elevators, selection and prompt delivery of original spare parts for elevators and conveyors;
  • help in choosing belts, buckets, chains, gearboxes, motors to keep your equipment running smoothly, etc.

We work with renowned manufacturers around the world, have our own design and engineering departments, well-thought-out logistics and foreign economic activity. Our staff has qualified and experienced specialists, each manager is assigned a certain region for the convenience and efficiency of customer service.

Cooperation with us is an individual approach to each customer, a guarantee of reducing equipment downtime by providing high-quality spare parts and components, qualified assistance of our employees in the selection of the necessary equipment, free consultation of technical staff, calculation of productivity and efficiency of equipment, after-sales service, a guarantee for all supplied products and services.